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Ginga Tropical!  …means, what?

Ginga Tropical! …means, what?

Brazil has 26 states, and each one is unique.

I can say this only after having attended a popular folklore show this past weekend in downtown (Centro) Rio. A local friend was nice enough to take me along and narrate for me. Called Ginga Tropical, it is a 90 minute show sharing interpretations on different regions of the country through dance. Roughly translated into english, gingar means “to swing,” and the ginga allows a capoeirista to be in constant, unpredictable movement. Explanation below. (more…)

A First Week Culture Shock

A First Week Culture Shock

This is what you will experience during your first week in Rio

As I expected, already in my first week I have had a richer experience in Rio than I would have had in over 6 months back in the states. Things you can only feel when you are in a new place for the first time. Feelings which probably have not came across you in quite awhile, being locked inside a comfort zone. (more…)